Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sleeping Together - Watch Your Positions

Do you snuggle up each other and sleep? Sleeping together is obviously the most common thing in a married couple's life. Infact its 'A-OK' for even unmarried couples now. I am not up here to debate over either in support or against 'live-in' issues. Rather when talking about sleeping together, one hardly pays attention to sleeping position with one's partner.

Your way of sleeping with someone unclothes the kind of relationship you share. You might be sharing a bed, but what about the intimacy of your relationship. Since sleeping is a posture when you are most relaxed, it is almost obvious that you will be in most natural way. And that is the time when you can have the most casual behaviour with your spouse or partner. Though, there might be exceptions that might be due to strange upbringing, health problems, etc. Just a sneak peak at some of the sleeping positions of couples in their bedrooms....

couple sleeping positions
Locking Each Other = Love, Peace, Relaxation -> Its like stating the obvious. A couple that sleeps while embracing each other is definitely madly in love. For some it might be a fresh relation and for others it can be a well-knitted bonding.

Both Lying Straight Under the Same Sheet = Settled, Relaxed and Equal Rights -> This type of sleeping posture depicts that both the partners are happily settled and love to share everything with each other.

Spoon Position = Security, Deeply in Love -> When you sleep behind your partner, hugging and embracing him/her, this position reveals the closeness between the partners. Such a relation is mature and depicts understanding amongst the two. It also shows dominance of one partner on other and at the same time care and sense of security also.

The Royal Position = Dependency, Commitment, Trust and Strong Male Ego -> Its quite common position amongst the couples. When the women lies with her head on the man's shoulder who is lying straight on his back with face up, this is a royal position of sleeping. Such a posture of sleeping clearly and unspokenly states the dependence of female on her male counterpart. Trust as well as long-term commitment are the cornerstone of such a relation, while strong male ego is apparent.

Zen Style of Sleeping (Back to Back) = Established relation, Independence Gelled with Trust on One Another -> While in a Zen style of sleeping, both the partners sleep back to back. What keeps them close to each other is their butts. Couples that sleep in Zen style with touching buttocks illustrate interdependence, sensuous bonding along with being less exploratory. Many couples adopt this kind of sleeping position after couple of years of their marriage.

Drifting Away = Desperately Independent, Tension, Almost Dead Relationship, Rejection/ Dissatisfaction -> If both the partners remain miles apart from each other and stick to their respective coners of the bed, the situation is almost alarming. Its a clear indication for the couple to start afresh while in bed and try to come in close proximity.

Though for a happy couple sleeping while being physically close to one another is not a compulsion. Very often sexual aspects take a back seat in an honest & lively bonding. But, it is not the same case always for everyone.


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