Saturday, October 31, 2009

Quick, Easy and Special Halloween Gifts For Men - Weekend Special


Its Halloween today and it just struck me that I should gift something special to the man in my life - my boyfriend. Halloween though is not popular and isn't celebrated throughout the world, I feel there is no problem to choose it as a reason to have celebrations at home. After all, its weekend and everyone has the right to celebrate. While I opted for a sweet and special gift for my boyfriend, even you can rush to buy something that would make his weekend special. Here are some easy and attractive gifts ideas for Men on this Halloween.

Mini jack-o-lanterns Looking Fresh Strawberry - You can make them at home. They are easy to make and would definitely amaze your man. Treat him this weekend with these special strawberries. Just dip fresh strawberries in chocolate paste and nuts and garnish them to look like mini -jack-o-lanterns.

Chololate Covered Strawberry on Halloween for Him
I bet your boyfriend or husband would love this special gift. Light some candles in your room and get into your romantic shoes to make his weekend really special. Serve him with mini jack-o-lanterns looking fresh strawberries.

Hot & Horror Movies Collection - Most men love to watch horror and hot movies. Just go to your near by shop and choose some really good horror movies. If you want just add in some hot movies CDs too.

Gift Horror CDs to Him on Halloween

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tips for Pampering Your Girlfriend


Its been a long time since I met the world outside through blog. This time I am not sorry and would not even apologize. Wonder why? The reason is simple - I was happy and enjoying more than what I do normally. I was busy in my relationship - with my five years long boyfriend. I loved being there exclusively for him as he made sure I felt special. Obviously with him, I have always felt so, but for past some days he had made me feel the most important person in his life.

While I am still in cloud nine, I would love to share that it was his ways of pampering that i lost my heart to. Infact, pampering is one of the easiest way to show your girlfriend that you love her. Here are some simple ways to pamper your girlfriend.

Cook to Pamper her
Make a Heart for Her - Be innovative. Use your imagination and creativity to make a heart for her where you can write the three magical words - 'I love you'. If you can make a heart shaped cake, that would be great. You can also try your hands on making a heart shaped card. Draw a heart on window panes. Girls love such romantic ideas.

Make hearts While cooking
draw heart on sand
heart shape on sand
Shower Her with Compliments - Make her feel that she is the best person in the world. Give her compliments that would lighten up her face and pamper her. Compliment her for her dresses, for her gestures and for everything you admire her for. Remember it costs nothing to give her compliments. After all, you love her and your compliments will bring a smile on her face.

Choose Her a Dress to Wear- It isn't necessary that you need to spend a lot to pamper her. If buying a special dress is not possible, how about choosing a dress for her to wear. Ask any woman, she would nod in a yes to say that its a difficult task to choose a dress from her own wardrobe. She would really love you if you make a choice for her at times. Keep the dress ready for her and surprise her once she comes out of washroom after bath.

choose a dress for her
Plan a Special Date with Her at Her Favorite Place - Every girl can tell you a place where she loves going often. One sure shot way to please and pamper your girlfriend is to plan a special date with her. The place can be a restaurant, a sea beach or even a special corner of your house. Let your romance buds blossom and make the date special with candles, small gifts, cards, flowers and good food.

Express Your Love in Public - If both of you are visiting a shopping mall and you get an opportunity to express your love for your girlfriend. Do not miss that opportunity if you know she would be overwhelmed. You may propose her for marriage or you may sing her favorite song if you can sing well.

Try these simple ways of pampering your girlfriend or just try doing something new. Do anything but with your true feelings she is sure to sense and feel it without a doubt. Show her that you love and care, She would definitely feel Pampered.

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