Thursday, August 5, 2010

Excuses Galore!


Its not been long, rather its been very long indeed. Days came and passed by and then the gap became long & longer than expected. But this time, I am back with a promise to keep. A long thought over decision to just keep blogging no matter what happens. I would continue to blog regularly as I did earlier.

Excuses galore

When I sit and ponder over the reasons that kept me away from blog, the result that I conclude gives me a good laugh. One look at the excuses would clearly state me as the 'laziest person' alive on the earth, though I am not one. Or may be I don't consider myself as one. anyways, whether I am one or not one is beyond a discussion.

Though most of us have a blogger in us and have something or the other to pen down everyday. Here are some of the reasons that hold us from letting our heart out everyday.

  • Busy with work in office
  • Daily chores keep us engaged
  • Some feel its a tedious task to switch on PC/laptop
  • Ok, its just today, tomorrow I'll blog for sure. AND, tomorrow never comes.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Learning from Each Other


Being in a relationship, there are several things one can possibly do for nurturing one's relationship. Its important that both the partners understand each other for a compatible and strong bonding.

Its important that the partners on both the ends should have strong feelings for each other. Many a times, couples find it difficult to stick to each other despite being in love. While one of them is too patient, the other might be aggressive. Living in a nuclear family and packed with work, one may not find time to discuss the problems at home with an elder person and seek advice.

Learning from Each Other
Observe & Learn from Each Other

You may not be an expert at solving problems, but your partner may be a complete show stealer. He or she may find solutions in a moment. Don't get bogged down by his or her expertise in doing anything, rather just observe quietly and learn the art of problem solving.

You could have be a zero tolerance attitude, but your partner might just be the coolest person in the entire world. Such a variation might be dangerous for a relationship. The best way one can work towards a smoother relationship is by learning various attributes from each other.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Keeping an Hour Aside for Each Other - Romantic Idea for the Busy & Married Couples


If romance & being together for each other was meant for weekends, then why would couples marry each other?? Busy with work and so many things happening around, many couples confess to spend time with each other only on weekends. But does that keeps your relationship steady and moreover 'SMOOTH'?

To nurture your relationship, just follow one RULE religiously to keep your love life intact forever.

The Rule is to -'Keep a Relaxed Hour Aside for Each Other'

You may defend yourself and say that every night while sleeping you spend time with each other. But that's not the time that we are referring to.

It is advisable that you mutually decide one hour from your busy schedule to be spend with each other. Make sure it is not the same time that you spend while making love at times at night.

An Hour for Each Other - The evening hour is the best time to be spent together.

Sit Together - Enjoy tea, coffee, soft drink or some nutritious snacks together. Take turns to prepare the food or drink for each other.

Talk and Spit out Everything You have in Mind - He or she is your partner and you can definitely confide almost everything in them.

Share yourself - While you are busy the entire day, you may not be able to call up and share something. Make use of this one hour and share all you wanted to since morning.
Share Jokes - Talk light and laugh with each other. You have had the entire day for everything serious around you, but this particular hour just make sure you laugh with each other. Share jokes or any old memories to feel light and relaxed.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Soaked in Love-Keeping Memories Fresh in Mind


Hope you had a wonderful kiss day, hug day and definitely a very special Valentine's day. Now that many special days have past and its time for you to preserve the memories of these days. Its important to value your love always and understand that how lucky your are to be someone's beloved. Days gone by will never come back. One will definitely enjoy the promise day, rose day and valentine's day next year, but will not be able to live the same moments again. Things may be better next time, but for that you need to wait for one long year. :)

Its been a raining love everywhere and your are soaked in love. All you need to do to cherish your love moments is to keep the memories fresh in mind. Just live the moment as it will never come again in life.

Promises to Keep


Meant to be broken, why do they hold an important place in any relationship? Whether its the relation of a couple in love or of a child and father, be it any relation, promises are a part of everyone's life. Here is a poem that I have loved for long and felt like sharing this today on Promise Day.

I promise to be your warm spot to cuddle up to
when you feel cold
I promise
to be your soft place to land if you
should fall
I promise to be the first
one to say I am sorry
(even if I was right)
I promise to be there for
you in all of your times of
joy and sorrow
I promise to support you no
matter what your
decision (even if I don't agree )
I promise to make a
new memory with you each
and every day
I promise to love you without change

I promise to make you laugh
I promise to make you cry
I promise to give
you strength when you are weak
I promise to love you forever
I promise
to cherish you and your love
I promise to compromise with you
I promise
to make you and our children my first
I promise to never take
your love for granted
I promise to never lose faith in you
I promise to
never give you a reason to distrust me
I promise to always trust you
I promise to work with you to resolve our conflicts
I promise to always be
proud of you
I promise to never let you feel alone in this world
I promise
to find new ways everyday to keep the
fires of passion burning
I promise
to be the best mom I can to our children
I promise to always keep you as
an equal partner
I promise to never say things to you in anger
I promise
to be your partner for life
I promise to be your shelter from the storm

I promise you a love everlasting.

Making a promise on the Promise Day, ".......Together again

It would feel so good to be

In your arms

Where all my journeys end....."

Have a Happy 'Promise' Day!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Teddy Day - Being a Kid in Love


All of us have been so busy with work that we never find time for fun and being naughty. This teddy day have fun and enjoy with each other. Life is too short for hatred and hard feelings. Rush to the nearest shop and get a teddy for your love of life. It's a month of love and since valentine's day is just around the corner, the teddy as gift will surely set the mood right for your partner. Forget the tension and problems and be a kid.

Happy Teddy day
Have a Happy Teddy Day!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rose Day Special - Let Love Bloom


There are times when your beloved is sad, there are times when no matter what happens you do not feel like smiling. But there is something that is sure to bring a smile back on your partner's face. Any guesses? Surely - its 'Roses'.

celebrate rose day
It's 7th of February and it is a 'ROSE day'. Rush to the nearest floweriest and get a bunch of roses. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is sad or angry with you, don't wait for things to settle down on their own. You need a pacifier and what can be better than roses. Just speak your heart out and tell each other how much your love and how incomplete you feel without one another.

surprise her with roses
Happy Rose Day!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend Romance Special-Enjoy Romance in Love Games


Has it been long since you felt like a kid? And the most important thing related to kids is playing. Can you recall that when was the last time you played any game? Blank!!! never mind. It happens with everyone and specially with couples without kids. But that doesn't mean you can't play and enjoy. Since its weekend, it's mandatory that both the partners share some romantic moments together.

play love games
Just let your romance buds bloom and your naught mind run wild. Enjoy this weekend playing games with spouse. You can choose any simple game and have fun. The twist in the game comes when you add a romantic touch to the game. Keep some rules and follow them religiously.

Here's how you play a LOVE GAME -

Choose a Game - you can choose any game. From cross words, mind games, cards, 1 minute puzzles, video games or any game for two.

Rules - Mutually decide the rules of the game.

Play - Start playing the game. Every time one looses the game, the other partner can give you a task to do.

win or loose - just enjoy the game
Tasks - That's the twist that I was referring to. The partner may ask you to strip your clothes one by one. One can even ask to kiss or a smooch. The tasks can be decided on the spot or you may decide them before hand too.

THE FUN - Try playing any game and enjoy the fun. More than playing the game, you would love to win and loose it. So, just set the mood right for some love games this evening and enjoy your weekend in a special way with your spouse. Happy Playing!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Talking to Each Other on Bedside


Busy is he and busy is me, then where do we find glee? A problem common amongst couples especially in urban lifestyle. If you have been in years of relationship, then it gets difficult at times to find new ways to express your love. At times, you feel completely lost and don't know how to be romantic despite wanting to do so.

Talking to Each Other on Bedside
Being romantic is not just offering gifts, giving surprises or making love to your partner. There is much more to it. On that note, couples would admit to the fact that 'the most important thing in romance is spending time with each other'. Its a month of love and that's why some special ways to make each other feel special. Here is another romantic idea for all couples.

Relax and Talk

Relax and Talk
Often on weekend, couples wake up early or late in hurry to finish off chores. Be different this weekend. Just finish your pending chores a night before so that you have a peaceful mind. When you wake up next morning, don't get up instantly. Lie on your bedside and chat for hours. Don't discuss work or relatives. Just ensure that you feel for your partner and speak your heart out. Tell each other that it was long since you wanted to be with your beloved and how you feel at the moment. Talking on bedside while lying close to one another will rejuvenate you.

Talk all Night Long
Couples often make love and feel they have been romantic enough. But next day, they feel no different and do not feel refreshed. Having sex often is not always satisfying. It becomes more of a job. Then just let your tight knots go loose. Keep yourself ready for a night to talk. Just talk to each other on bedside. Share jokes and laugh with each other... Set the mood right for a romantic night with soothing lights and some snacks on your side tables. ...Try this romantic idea for your beloved. Don't forget to share your experience with us.. Talk to each other on Bedside... Happy Romantic Talking.. :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Loving Him Inside Out


You thought he is no more the same guy that you married. Some may also end up concluding that their boyfriend has changed a lot and feels so different. Its no more the same bonding and love between the two of You.

Ignore the thought that has held you so hard for long. Forget the way he was earlier. May be its the responsibilities, may be its his career that has needs more attention. And that is why he has been so different all this while. Look at the positive aspect of the entire scenario - He relies on YOU so much. You hold an important place in his life and that is why he thinks he can be the way he wants to be.

Just give this point a deep thought and see how your life changes for good. Accept him with the way he is and just 'Love him inside out.'

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Month of Love


I often hear people saying that valentine's day is nothing special for them. For them, everyday is a valentine's day, every day is a day for him or her everyday is a day for love...bla bla bla bla.... I never disagree but to some extent. For me, everyday is a day of love, but this day is definitely special. Special!! Why?? Special because this day I make sure at least on this day I do not hurt him or anyone around me. It's a day of love and I ensure that I don't do anything that makes anyone sad.

If you agree with me or have the same opinion as mine, then follow me here for some love special posts for the entire month of February. You may think, as why did I start three days in advance. A simple reason - February just has 28 days and I wanted to make this month of love complete with 31 days.

So just get ready for some notes, tips and feelings dipped in love. No regrets, no complaints, no negative shades of life and lifestyle. It would be raining love the entire month. Therefore, just hold your heart tight and make sure you don't fall in love by the end of February. With Love :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't Take Professional Matters to Heart


Feeling heavy at heart because of all the scolding that you got from the boss today. Bosses expect a lot from their subordinate. They pressurize you when you they feel the pressure. That's what the bottom line is. Don't take professional matters to heart.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekend Romance Special - Winter The Season for Sex


It's Friday evening and weekend has almost begun. Its time to rev up your sexual life. Don't tell me that winter is something that keeps you away from indulging in love making. Rather winter is the ideal season to snuggle up each other in rugs and feel the warmth from one another.

sex in winter
Don't let weather play spoil sport in your sexual life. Make the most of the season and just enjoy your weekend in bed.

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