Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend Romance Special-Enjoy Romance in Love Games

Has it been long since you felt like a kid? And the most important thing related to kids is playing. Can you recall that when was the last time you played any game? Blank!!! never mind. It happens with everyone and specially with couples without kids. But that doesn't mean you can't play and enjoy. Since its weekend, it's mandatory that both the partners share some romantic moments together.

play love games
Just let your romance buds bloom and your naught mind run wild. Enjoy this weekend playing games with spouse. You can choose any simple game and have fun. The twist in the game comes when you add a romantic touch to the game. Keep some rules and follow them religiously.

Here's how you play a LOVE GAME -

Choose a Game - you can choose any game. From cross words, mind games, cards, 1 minute puzzles, video games or any game for two.

Rules - Mutually decide the rules of the game.

Play - Start playing the game. Every time one looses the game, the other partner can give you a task to do.

win or loose - just enjoy the game
Tasks - That's the twist that I was referring to. The partner may ask you to strip your clothes one by one. One can even ask to kiss or a smooch. The tasks can be decided on the spot or you may decide them before hand too.

THE FUN - Try playing any game and enjoy the fun. More than playing the game, you would love to win and loose it. So, just set the mood right for some love games this evening and enjoy your weekend in a special way with your spouse. Happy Playing!


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