Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Keeping an Hour Aside for Each Other - Romantic Idea for the Busy & Married Couples

If romance & being together for each other was meant for weekends, then why would couples marry each other?? Busy with work and so many things happening around, many couples confess to spend time with each other only on weekends. But does that keeps your relationship steady and moreover 'SMOOTH'?

To nurture your relationship, just follow one RULE religiously to keep your love life intact forever.

The Rule is to -'Keep a Relaxed Hour Aside for Each Other'

You may defend yourself and say that every night while sleeping you spend time with each other. But that's not the time that we are referring to.

It is advisable that you mutually decide one hour from your busy schedule to be spend with each other. Make sure it is not the same time that you spend while making love at times at night.

An Hour for Each Other - The evening hour is the best time to be spent together.

Sit Together - Enjoy tea, coffee, soft drink or some nutritious snacks together. Take turns to prepare the food or drink for each other.

Talk and Spit out Everything You have in Mind - He or she is your partner and you can definitely confide almost everything in them.

Share yourself - While you are busy the entire day, you may not be able to call up and share something. Make use of this one hour and share all you wanted to since morning.
Share Jokes - Talk light and laugh with each other. You have had the entire day for everything serious around you, but this particular hour just make sure you laugh with each other. Share jokes or any old memories to feel light and relaxed.


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Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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