Friday, November 27, 2009

Weekend Romance Special - Places for Quick Love Making


Let this weekend be different. Normally we look for a weekend to spend some great time with our beloved. For live-in couples and husband-wives, weekends come as a boon and they love to indulge in more relaxed love making activities. But why do we need to stick to this rule always? Let this weekend be dedicated to quick love making. Sounds Fun? Its Got to be....

love making in corridor
Here are some quickies for you. Try making love at these places. I bet you would cherish this weekend memories for ever. Here they go...

At the Terrace in Moonlight - Nothing can be more romantic than making love to your partner in moonlight. Go for a stroll at the terrace and find a corner quickly to make love to your beloved. A hot love making session would definitely leave you sweating while cool breeze makes you more passionate.

In Your Study Room - Most of the people would not like this idea but it was something that was suggested by my close friend. She shared her experience of suddenly slipping into her hubby's studyroom while he was busy at work. She also said, she had one of the nest love making experience in the studyroom. While studying, one tends to be most engrossed and disturbing you partner in such a situation can be fun at times.

In the Corridor - Do it, only when you don't have anyone else at home. Get some cozy mattress and light a candle while you keep the nightlamps switched off. Play some romantic music that would surely add to the mood. Corridor as love making spot can give you sense of freedom that is not so in confined rooms.

In Her Changing Room - Many of the us have a small corner in our homes for changing clothes (especially for women). This weekend, don't miss the chance to seduce her while dresses and undresses herself in the changing room. Start slow and later move fast. The limitation of having lesser space might just give you both more pleasure than any where else.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Relations & Rapport At Work - Tips for Handling Work Pressure


Well, when I talk about nurturing relations, it does not restrict me to talk about personal relations only. Apart from our family life, we spent a major share of time at work. And therefore it becomes almost mandatory to have healthy rapport with colleagues and definitely with the seniors.

But all gets shattered and shaken when we have are in a sea of work pressure, dieing to breathe and struggling hard to save ourselves from drowning. Immense work pressure and inability to handle it leaves a bad impression on your boss which actually affects the relation between them.

I had a bad day today at work, but then I ensured I remain calm to handle the mounting work pressure. Here I am sharing the tips that I followed to handle the work pressure.

Always Maintain a Professional Standpoint - Make sure you never lose your professionalism. Try maintaining a professional standpoint. Work the way you always do.

Do not Avoid Your Boss - Avoiding your boss may lead to more problems at work. In a situation when, you had a tiff with your boss, ensure that you do not avoid talking to them.

Never Decrease Your Production Level - The loss in production will all the more aggravate the anger of seniors and top guns. Remember however disturbed you are, never cut short on your production level.

Control Your Emotions - That's the key to handle any kind of work pressure. Sounds easy, but is actually more difficult than that. (Trust me even I am very bad at it). But if you can keep a control on your emotions both anger and tension, you know you have handled the situation well. Wish you never have a bad day at work. God Forbid, if you have tension at work - try these ways to handle excess work pressure.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Love Notes - To Keep The Romance Alive


Not just wonderful way to express your feelings for your sweetheart, LoVe NoTeS and even Love Letters are the most simplest way to keep romance intact. For many lovebirds, love letters have been replaced by a sms, a mail or even by a Facebook or Orkut scrapbook. But the real essence of romance comes only from a handwritten romantic notes on a piece of paper. Don't believe me? Just try these romantic love messages ideas to see the sparkle in her eyes.

Leave a Romantic Love Making Note in the Bathroom for Her - Tell her how eagerly you will wait for the evening when you can meet her for romantic love making evening.

Leave a Small Love Note Under Her Pillow for Her to See in the Morning - Use your imagination and describe how beautiful she looked while sleeping and how much you love her. Your small note will make a huge impact and will help your relationship nurture and strengthen.

A Love Phrase for Her in Her Purse - Quietly slip in a small love letter in her money purse. She would be all surprised and overwhelmed with this gesture. Try doing it, but make sure let it be a surprise. And be ready to receive a surprise call or message from her side too.

Love note in Purse
Keep Her Breakfast Ready with A Romantic Note - Give Her a Break from Everyday Chores and prepare breakfast for her. Just plug in a small love note with the breakfast. I can vouch for it that she would love you for the love letter more than for preparing the breakfast.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tips for Tolerating His Temper


Men by nature are more aggressive than women. Exceptions are always there, but the hard core fact is that men are more short tempered than their female counterparts. Anger is common amongst men and many couples face the problem of handling anger in their relationship. Many wives and even girlfriends find it difficult to control their men when they flare up. Here are some quick tips to tolerate his temper and help him calm down.

Remain Calm When He is Loud & Angry - That's definitely the first and foremost thing. You must have a certain level of patience to do so. If the wife or girlfriend gets angry too while the husband or boyfriend is still angry, the situation is bound to go out of control.

Mutually Decide a Signal to Aware Him of His Anger - If your man has recognized and realized that he is short tempered and has a problem, then it has become actually easy for both of you to control it. May be both of you can work out a signal for his temper. Whenever he is angry and is almost ready to flare up, you can give him a signal. The signals may either be a song, a whistle or few pre-decided words.

Do not Tolerate His Temper Always - As I said earlier, that it is not wise to reply back or counter him whenever he gets angry. But friends, it is equally important for you to make him understand that he is wrong on his part. Do not make it a habit to tolerate his temper whether it is justified or a baseless one. The next time you boyfriend gets angry and aggressive, do not stay quiet or argue. Make it clear that he is wrong and just walk out of the room. Let him know that he has hurt you.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Nagging Nature - Warning Signs


Since I wrote about some warning signs for those in a relationship, I guess mentioning the warning signs of being a nagging girlfriend or wife would definitely be welcomed. To some extent I could relate myself with this subject as for past few months even I have transformed into a nagging girlfriend. But fortunately I was alarmed by my behavior myself before being told by my boyfriend.

Nagging in a relationship can actually be a barrier between the couples. It is for both the partners to understand that nagging by husband or the wives (mostly) can be justified at times. But nagging as a habit day and night is for sure a mood spoiler. Now before I prolong it any more, here are few signs for females to improve their behavior with their men.

You Call Your Boyfriend Every Hour for Some Chores - The moment he picks up phone, he says ' I remember I have to deposit money in the bank tomorrow'. You have been like a nagging wife or a girlfriend if this scenario relates to you. You are for sure on the roads of a nagging world if you call up your boyfriend every now and then to remind about some work.

nagging can affect any relation
Telling Him to Join Gym - He has been looking weak for some time and you think joining gymnasium would help him recover. Therefore you nag and nag. You never miss an opportunity to tell him its all because he does not exercise.

You Have Problem If He Sleeps Till late in the Morning - Rather than wishing him 'Good morning', you say - is this the time to get up? Girls by nature are more alert and prompt for their daily chores and activities. Therefore, they start nagging when they their partner is lazy or slow in his work. Most of the men complain of their wife's or girlfriend's behavior if the men sleep late till morning.

Complains are What Your Daily Telephonic Talks Comprise of - If you are a nagging wife, its very for you to figure this out. You need 'no warning sign'. It is evident. Evident from your conversation with your partner. All your telephonic conversation comprises of complains and you keep cribbing all the time.

You Do Not Miss a Chance to Point Out His Mistake - That becomes a girl's favorite pass-time. if you are a nagging girlfriend, you keep your brain's search engine working all the time to point out his mistakes. Whether small mistake or big blunder, you never ignore any of them.

You Keep Reminding Him of the Promise which He Could Not Keep Years Ago - It was a small promise that he could not keep and you have not forgiven him years later. Your nagging nature is evident from your behave, if you keep reminding him of his promise that he could keep.

It's an old saying that 'If you realize your mistake, you are almost forgiven.' So if you have discovered a nagging wife or girlfriend in yourself, you have taken the first step. All you need to do is work on it slowly BUT Steadily.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Possessive In a Relation - Few Warning Signs


Possessive - Does this word make you think of your boyfriend or girlfriend every time? Have I touched some corner of your heart with this question, read on if you nod in yes. While possessiveness at a very ground root level is good for a relation, the irony lies only when it goes beyond that. The possessive nature of a partner in a relationship turns out to be a burden for the person on the other end. The outcome henceforth is that the other partner struggles to get free of the relation. While insecurity is the basis of possessiveness and can be fatal for any relation.

Girls often complain, crib or praise their boyfriends for being too possessive for them. But over the past years, the ball has settled more in the other side of the court. And I would be biased if I say that its the men who are mostly possessive. That is, girls in a relationship have become more possessive for their male counterparts. Here are few warning signs for girls to indicate that you are being possessive. Take them seriously and avoid being a possessive lover.

Don't be Snoopy - Do not go searching about every detail about his old friends and search his mailbox.

do not be snoopy
never search his mailbox just out of suspicion
You Keep a Minute-to-Minute Record of His Activities - Remaining in touch and maintaining proper communication is different. But, it is sheer possessiveness if you want to know every minute detail about his activities.

You Loose Your Temper If He Does Not Answer Your Call - Give him some space. For God's sake. He can be busy at work and even missing a call is human. Do not shout at him or get upset next time, if he is unable to respond to your phonecall.

It's Possessiveness if You Follow Him Everywhere - Save your relationship from dieing. Do not make it a habit of forcefully following him everywhere, whether to his office party or to shopping.

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