Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Relations & Rapport At Work - Tips for Handling Work Pressure

Well, when I talk about nurturing relations, it does not restrict me to talk about personal relations only. Apart from our family life, we spent a major share of time at work. And therefore it becomes almost mandatory to have healthy rapport with colleagues and definitely with the seniors.

But all gets shattered and shaken when we have are in a sea of work pressure, dieing to breathe and struggling hard to save ourselves from drowning. Immense work pressure and inability to handle it leaves a bad impression on your boss which actually affects the relation between them.

I had a bad day today at work, but then I ensured I remain calm to handle the mounting work pressure. Here I am sharing the tips that I followed to handle the work pressure.

Always Maintain a Professional Standpoint - Make sure you never lose your professionalism. Try maintaining a professional standpoint. Work the way you always do.

Do not Avoid Your Boss - Avoiding your boss may lead to more problems at work. In a situation when, you had a tiff with your boss, ensure that you do not avoid talking to them.

Never Decrease Your Production Level - The loss in production will all the more aggravate the anger of seniors and top guns. Remember however disturbed you are, never cut short on your production level.

Control Your Emotions - That's the key to handle any kind of work pressure. Sounds easy, but is actually more difficult than that. (Trust me even I am very bad at it). But if you can keep a control on your emotions both anger and tension, you know you have handled the situation well. Wish you never have a bad day at work. God Forbid, if you have tension at work - try these ways to handle excess work pressure.


Sara said...

this explains a lot. At least it explains why I wasn't able to last more than 6 months in one job :S

Sara said...

I think this is a very good topic for a blog. A very important one too.. thank you! and PLEASE keep it up!

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