Friday, November 13, 2009

Nagging Nature - Warning Signs

Since I wrote about some warning signs for those in a relationship, I guess mentioning the warning signs of being a nagging girlfriend or wife would definitely be welcomed. To some extent I could relate myself with this subject as for past few months even I have transformed into a nagging girlfriend. But fortunately I was alarmed by my behavior myself before being told by my boyfriend.

Nagging in a relationship can actually be a barrier between the couples. It is for both the partners to understand that nagging by husband or the wives (mostly) can be justified at times. But nagging as a habit day and night is for sure a mood spoiler. Now before I prolong it any more, here are few signs for females to improve their behavior with their men.

You Call Your Boyfriend Every Hour for Some Chores - The moment he picks up phone, he says ' I remember I have to deposit money in the bank tomorrow'. You have been like a nagging wife or a girlfriend if this scenario relates to you. You are for sure on the roads of a nagging world if you call up your boyfriend every now and then to remind about some work.

nagging can affect any relation
Telling Him to Join Gym - He has been looking weak for some time and you think joining gymnasium would help him recover. Therefore you nag and nag. You never miss an opportunity to tell him its all because he does not exercise.

You Have Problem If He Sleeps Till late in the Morning - Rather than wishing him 'Good morning', you say - is this the time to get up? Girls by nature are more alert and prompt for their daily chores and activities. Therefore, they start nagging when they their partner is lazy or slow in his work. Most of the men complain of their wife's or girlfriend's behavior if the men sleep late till morning.

Complains are What Your Daily Telephonic Talks Comprise of - If you are a nagging wife, its very for you to figure this out. You need 'no warning sign'. It is evident. Evident from your conversation with your partner. All your telephonic conversation comprises of complains and you keep cribbing all the time.

You Do Not Miss a Chance to Point Out His Mistake - That becomes a girl's favorite pass-time. if you are a nagging girlfriend, you keep your brain's search engine working all the time to point out his mistakes. Whether small mistake or big blunder, you never ignore any of them.

You Keep Reminding Him of the Promise which He Could Not Keep Years Ago - It was a small promise that he could not keep and you have not forgiven him years later. Your nagging nature is evident from your behave, if you keep reminding him of his promise that he could keep.

It's an old saying that 'If you realize your mistake, you are almost forgiven.' So if you have discovered a nagging wife or girlfriend in yourself, you have taken the first step. All you need to do is work on it slowly BUT Steadily.


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