Monday, November 16, 2009

Tips for Tolerating His Temper

Men by nature are more aggressive than women. Exceptions are always there, but the hard core fact is that men are more short tempered than their female counterparts. Anger is common amongst men and many couples face the problem of handling anger in their relationship. Many wives and even girlfriends find it difficult to control their men when they flare up. Here are some quick tips to tolerate his temper and help him calm down.

Remain Calm When He is Loud & Angry - That's definitely the first and foremost thing. You must have a certain level of patience to do so. If the wife or girlfriend gets angry too while the husband or boyfriend is still angry, the situation is bound to go out of control.

Mutually Decide a Signal to Aware Him of His Anger - If your man has recognized and realized that he is short tempered and has a problem, then it has become actually easy for both of you to control it. May be both of you can work out a signal for his temper. Whenever he is angry and is almost ready to flare up, you can give him a signal. The signals may either be a song, a whistle or few pre-decided words.

Do not Tolerate His Temper Always - As I said earlier, that it is not wise to reply back or counter him whenever he gets angry. But friends, it is equally important for you to make him understand that he is wrong on his part. Do not make it a habit to tolerate his temper whether it is justified or a baseless one. The next time you boyfriend gets angry and aggressive, do not stay quiet or argue. Make it clear that he is wrong and just walk out of the room. Let him know that he has hurt you.


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