Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Possessive In a Relation - Few Warning Signs

Possessive - Does this word make you think of your boyfriend or girlfriend every time? Have I touched some corner of your heart with this question, read on if you nod in yes. While possessiveness at a very ground root level is good for a relation, the irony lies only when it goes beyond that. The possessive nature of a partner in a relationship turns out to be a burden for the person on the other end. The outcome henceforth is that the other partner struggles to get free of the relation. While insecurity is the basis of possessiveness and can be fatal for any relation.

Girls often complain, crib or praise their boyfriends for being too possessive for them. But over the past years, the ball has settled more in the other side of the court. And I would be biased if I say that its the men who are mostly possessive. That is, girls in a relationship have become more possessive for their male counterparts. Here are few warning signs for girls to indicate that you are being possessive. Take them seriously and avoid being a possessive lover.

Don't be Snoopy - Do not go searching about every detail about his old friends and search his mailbox.

do not be snoopy
never search his mailbox just out of suspicion
You Keep a Minute-to-Minute Record of His Activities - Remaining in touch and maintaining proper communication is different. But, it is sheer possessiveness if you want to know every minute detail about his activities.

You Loose Your Temper If He Does Not Answer Your Call - Give him some space. For God's sake. He can be busy at work and even missing a call is human. Do not shout at him or get upset next time, if he is unable to respond to your phonecall.

It's Possessiveness if You Follow Him Everywhere - Save your relationship from dieing. Do not make it a habit of forcefully following him everywhere, whether to his office party or to shopping.


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