Thursday, August 5, 2010

Excuses Galore!


Its not been long, rather its been very long indeed. Days came and passed by and then the gap became long & longer than expected. But this time, I am back with a promise to keep. A long thought over decision to just keep blogging no matter what happens. I would continue to blog regularly as I did earlier.

Excuses galore

When I sit and ponder over the reasons that kept me away from blog, the result that I conclude gives me a good laugh. One look at the excuses would clearly state me as the 'laziest person' alive on the earth, though I am not one. Or may be I don't consider myself as one. anyways, whether I am one or not one is beyond a discussion.

Though most of us have a blogger in us and have something or the other to pen down everyday. Here are some of the reasons that hold us from letting our heart out everyday.

  • Busy with work in office
  • Daily chores keep us engaged
  • Some feel its a tedious task to switch on PC/laptop
  • Ok, its just today, tomorrow I'll blog for sure. AND, tomorrow never comes.

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