Saturday, September 26, 2009

Busy in Festivals - No Time for Your Spouse


Its festive season and you have been busy doing your household chores religiously. Shopping, decoration, buying gifts, cooking and inviting guests at home - all this keeps you packed the whole day. Amidst all this, you rarely find time for your spouse. He or she is the one who is left unattended. And it is needless to say that you hardly think of romance during festivals.

busy in festival
You have been following this schedule for years now. But did you ever realize that your spouse might be feeling left out. Give it a thought and stay tuned for next post that says - 'Romance During Festivals Adds to Celebration'.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Romance While House Warming


I was away for a week as I had to shift my house. That was the reason for the delay in posting. A week long house shifting process had kept me too occupied to spare time for myself. While packing and unwinding stuffs at home took most of my time, the rest of hours were lost in getting the interiors of the new house designed.

It does happen with all of us. And what is also common amongst us is that we hardly find time for romance while shifting our houses. But despite the fact that I was damn busy, I had my share of romantic moments. Thanks to my darling boyfriend. His romantic ideas stole my heart, obviously once again. Here are some of the romantic ideas that he tried during my house warming. You can try them too. Here they go....

order dinner for her
Order Food & Enjoy a Candle Light Dinner - Your beloved must be tired packing or unpacking. Order her favorite food and keep it a surprise for her. Arrange a small table and decorate the room with some flowers and candles. Keep the table ready with delicious food. Surprise her and dine together. Soft instrumental music will add to the romantic mood of the room.

house warming and-romance
Rub Your Partner's Shoulders - Nothing feels greater than a small neck & shoulder massage when you are tired. Rub your partner's shoulder to make him or her relax. That is one of the ways of being romantic.

romance while house warming

Pull Her to a Corner & Give Her a Warm Hug - Let your romantic soul come alive. Whenever you get time, look out for an opportunity when you can take her into your arms and take her to a corner. Kiss and hug her. Express your feelings to her. Honestly, girls love it when you are naughty.

hug her
Shower Her with Hugs & Kisses Every Now and Then - Your partner will not feel the stress of so much work both at home or outside, if you stand by his/ her side. Just shower your love and kisses at short intervals if you are near by. Your love and care will add sparks to your romantic life.

Go explore new ways of romancing. Whether married or unmarried, romance is necessary amongst couples. So set the mood and let romance be in air.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Play In Rain


None of us are that old to play. Are We? Definitely not and why let age be a barrier in having fun through play. If its been long that you had some thrilling exciting moments with your family and kids, its time now. Get into your sports shoes and just set yourself free from inhibitions. Go out and just play in rain.

Break Free and Enjoy in Rain
Rain - Fills You with Thrill - As you get into the ground to play in rain, you will feel the drops having a charismatic effect on you. Playing in rain fills you with thrill. No matter what is your age, you tend to feel young. Experience it for yourself if you don't believe me.

Take Your Kids Out Along With You - Kids love to play in rain and run around. Accompany your children in rain and play with them. Playing in rain with family is a interesting activity that helps you bond better with your family.

Let Mud be a Part of You - When it rains, do not just enjoy the rain drops rather also let mud be a part of you. Go out to play in nearby playground or park. Its fun to play in rain & mud with friends, children and even siblings. It makes you nostalgic and infuses a sense of fun, mischievousness and playfulness.

Play in Mud
Splash in Rain water - Nothing beats the feeling of jumping in a small pool of rainwater in digs on broken roads. Let the child in you come alive again. Splash in rain water and play like kids.

Enjoy Rain
Ideal Reason for Couples to Enjoy Together - I can agree that you might not find it comfortable playing in rain in a park or playground. But, if you have a private lawn or a secluded backyards, then just don't wait. Run to get wet with your partner in your arms. Just play in rain without being intimate. Couples either married or dating just love to spend time playing in rain.

Try Different Games - Go for different outdoor games in rain. Football is most preferred in rain. Adults, elderly or even small children like playing football in rain. You may also opt for other games basketball, throw ball or more.

Play Football in Rain
Besides Fun, Playing in Rain is also a Good Exercise - If you thought playing in rain was merely a fun activity then get your facts corrected. Playing in rain charges up your body. Running around and hip hopping is also a good physical exercise.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Drenched in Love and Rain


Its been raining off late and the met department predicts it would continue to rain for another 48 hours. What better than this and what better one could have ever asked. As I said in my previous post, that almost everyone in love simply love rain. So what are you waiting for go get drenched in love and rain. Make the most of these special moments to love each other. Either married or still dating, this is the time for the couples to get soaked in love. Just be a little romantic to enjoy the rain showers and spend some quality time together. Here are few tips to enjoy the rain together.

get drenched in rain
Watch Rainfall Together - Nothing is great than watching rain pour on your windows' glass panes. What's important is to watch the rain together. Talk for hours with each other while it rains. Share and express yourselves with each other.

Cook Something Spicy For Her/ Him - Food for many are the best way of celebrating and enjoying. If you or your partner are a foodie, then you have the all the reason to treat yourself with something delicious. Cook something spicy and hot and enjoy eating it in rain. Spicy hot snacks makes an ideal combination with rains.

Get Drenched - If you love rain and love to feel the droplets on yourself, then go get drenched with your partner. But make sure you do not catch cold. Remember to take a shower in your bathroom after you have played and enjoyed in rain. This helps to prevent cold and fever.

Snuggle Up Each Other On a Couch in Your Balcony - Feel his warmth while snuggled up in his arms when it rains. Lie down on a couch together in your balcony to watch rain and enjoy the cool breeze blow past your cheeks. Enjoy a romantic date while relaxing at home together on a couch.

Go for a Stroll in the Rain - Walking together in rain is another romantic idea for the couples. Walking hand in hand when its drizzling is romantic.

walk hand-in-hand in rain
Go for a Long Drive in Rain - While long drives on a normal day is loved by most, it has its unique charm when it rains. Just accompany your partner on a long drive in a car when it rains. Go to beach side or on a highway. Just pick him or her on your way back home and go for a long drive to enjoy the cool breeze and rain.

Though love does not need any reason to be or to be expressed, yet there are few factors that add to the effect. And Rain is Definitely one of them. These were just few ways to be romantic during rain. How do you enjoy Rain?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Play the Tourist For Her - Weekend Romance Specials


Weekends are special and they should remain that way. But your small inputs will make the weekends more special. Discover the all new way of romance. If your wife or girlfriend loves to travel, what can be better that spending the weekend traveling and staying at a hotel. Just take her out to visit the city or nearby tourist spots. There can be a number of places she may not have been to. Feel her nerve and plan this special weekend to lighten up romance in life.

Keep It a Surprise - The first rule when you plan a weekend is to keep it a surprise. Surprise in romance is very special to keep the charm intact.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Romantic Idea for the Busy


Busy is always the buzzword for most people these days. While life has become so much mechanical and selfish, no one has much time to spend on romance and lighter moments with your spouse. Forget about love, even love making has become a task for many couples. But despite all odds the challenge lies in keep the fire of love alive in each other. Its important for you to make him/ her feel special and show that you care so much. If you are busy and do not have much time to express your love for your special one, just try the following tips. Just feel the love in the air.

be romantic
Greet Each Other With A Hug & Kiss - A hug reflects your warmth for your beloved. just give your partner a peck on cheeks whenever you go from or return to home. Such a gesture makes one feel wanted and special.

Spend few Bugs on Cards or Roses for Her - Try sending a bunch of roses and her/ him. They won't cost you much, but mean a lot. Call up a nearby delivery guy and ask him to deliver some red roses to your wife or husband. Or at times buy a meaningful greeting car on your way back home. Send it your spouse. Smiles received on such unexpected gesture of yours would definitely pay back the money spend on them.

Make Breakfast for Her - Married working men can easily please their wives by making breakfast for them at times. One can do that once or twice a week. Whenever it suits you whether weekend or on weekdays, make sure to get up earlier than your beloved and prepare the breakfast. You are bound to brighten her morning as soon as she notices the breakfast.

Short Massages while Working at Home - Your touch makes a difference to your partner. During your busy schedule, just sit next to him or her and give a short massage either for feet, shoulder or just some hair oil massage. Your few minutes of massage takes off the stress.

message a romantic idea for the busy
message her feet
Cuddle Each Other - Find time to just cuddle each other either on a couch while watching television or working on any office assignment. Make sure not to disturb the partner who is working but just sit or lie next to him/ her. Let the other feel that he or she is loved and needed.

Call up to Say that You Miss Him/ Her - Give a short call within minutes of reaching office to say that you miss her or him. During your busy day pick your mobile and call up and have a few minutes of talk. Romantic text messages are the perfect ideas while you are at work.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Love and Rain


Ever thought that what is it that interrelates love to rain? Why does every youth, and why zero down on youth only, rather every person in love is almost in love with the rainy season too. Its natural and human to all of us. Lovebirds will definitely confide in me to say that rainy season definitely gives them a nostalgic feeling. Its all together a marvelous and heart stirring feeling to get drenched to enjoy the rain along with your partner.

A thought on the unusual co relation between the two different subjects would give you the answer itself. Both love and rain are beautiful and natural expressions. While the former is an expression for humans, whereas the latter is for nature. Love and rain bring in its fold unfathomable happiness, excitement and even sadness.

Its true that almost all couples in the world love rains or rainy season in some way or the other. I am in love too and love to enjoy every drop of rain. From incessant rains, lightening, cool breeze to thunderstorms all reflect the moods of nature and definitely stir my mood swings too.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Teen Suicide - Parents Need to Be Alarmed


A glance at the morning newspaper today left me thunderstruck. A teenage girl had committed suicide. Investigations revealed that the girl had not got admission in a reputed college of the city whereas all her friends had managed to get in. This fact had depressed her and turned out to be the reason for her to take such an stern step. The irony of the story was that the girl had secured 92% marks in her high school exams.

teenage problems
This news made me numbstuck and I was forced to think about the state of the girl and the kind of rapport she shared with her parents. It is true that children who do not like their parents and do not share any emotional bonding with any of the parents are more likely to fall prey to anti-social activities. For kids who commit suicide or even attempt to do one, there is definitely a lack of bonding between the parents and their kids. What is of more importance is that parents especially those of teenagers should be alarmed. Just read on to find out how you as a parent can be more responsible parent.

Gel With Your Teen - It's important as it fills in the gap between you and your child. You need to forget the age difference and be friendly with them. Gelling with your kid whether small or a teenager strengthens the bond between the parents and child. Talk to them, share yourself. This will consequently make them close to you and they will open up sharing their secrets to you.

Spend Time Especially On Weekends - Weekends are actual time when either your child is alone at home away from friends or is just busy watching television. You should ensure that your teenage child does not feel left out. Try spending some time with your child on weekends.

Discuss Instances 'Related to Suicide or Crime' - I do not advocate talking 24 x 7 about any such matter, but then you should be well aware of how your child thinks about the same. Few mild debate sessions also help the parents to read their mind.

Quiz Them to Know More - There comes your parental skills blended with your intellect. Know your child inside out and quizzes & situation based narrations are easy way to understand her/his thought process. For example - Narrate some story and ask them questions like 'What would you do if you were in that situation?'

Have & Show Faith in Your Child - Trusting your child is definitely compulsory, but what is more important is that your child realizes this fact. For this, at times you can hand over some responsibility to her/his that gives her the feel that you trust your child. At times you may also praise your kids in front of kids and say that you have a lot of faith in them. ( You need to be articulate in saying that, so that your child understands that it is not bad marks or any misbehavior that will affect your love and trust.)

Just be a friend to your child.

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