Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Teen Suicide - Parents Need to Be Alarmed

A glance at the morning newspaper today left me thunderstruck. A teenage girl had committed suicide. Investigations revealed that the girl had not got admission in a reputed college of the city whereas all her friends had managed to get in. This fact had depressed her and turned out to be the reason for her to take such an stern step. The irony of the story was that the girl had secured 92% marks in her high school exams.

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This news made me numbstuck and I was forced to think about the state of the girl and the kind of rapport she shared with her parents. It is true that children who do not like their parents and do not share any emotional bonding with any of the parents are more likely to fall prey to anti-social activities. For kids who commit suicide or even attempt to do one, there is definitely a lack of bonding between the parents and their kids. What is of more importance is that parents especially those of teenagers should be alarmed. Just read on to find out how you as a parent can be more responsible parent.

Gel With Your Teen - It's important as it fills in the gap between you and your child. You need to forget the age difference and be friendly with them. Gelling with your kid whether small or a teenager strengthens the bond between the parents and child. Talk to them, share yourself. This will consequently make them close to you and they will open up sharing their secrets to you.

Spend Time Especially On Weekends - Weekends are actual time when either your child is alone at home away from friends or is just busy watching television. You should ensure that your teenage child does not feel left out. Try spending some time with your child on weekends.

Discuss Instances 'Related to Suicide or Crime' - I do not advocate talking 24 x 7 about any such matter, but then you should be well aware of how your child thinks about the same. Few mild debate sessions also help the parents to read their mind.

Quiz Them to Know More - There comes your parental skills blended with your intellect. Know your child inside out and quizzes & situation based narrations are easy way to understand her/his thought process. For example - Narrate some story and ask them questions like 'What would you do if you were in that situation?'

Have & Show Faith in Your Child - Trusting your child is definitely compulsory, but what is more important is that your child realizes this fact. For this, at times you can hand over some responsibility to her/his that gives her the feel that you trust your child. At times you may also praise your kids in front of kids and say that you have a lot of faith in them. ( You need to be articulate in saying that, so that your child understands that it is not bad marks or any misbehavior that will affect your love and trust.)

Just be a friend to your child.


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