Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Love and Rain

Ever thought that what is it that interrelates love to rain? Why does every youth, and why zero down on youth only, rather every person in love is almost in love with the rainy season too. Its natural and human to all of us. Lovebirds will definitely confide in me to say that rainy season definitely gives them a nostalgic feeling. Its all together a marvelous and heart stirring feeling to get drenched to enjoy the rain along with your partner.

A thought on the unusual co relation between the two different subjects would give you the answer itself. Both love and rain are beautiful and natural expressions. While the former is an expression for humans, whereas the latter is for nature. Love and rain bring in its fold unfathomable happiness, excitement and even sadness.

Its true that almost all couples in the world love rains or rainy season in some way or the other. I am in love too and love to enjoy every drop of rain. From incessant rains, lightening, cool breeze to thunderstorms all reflect the moods of nature and definitely stir my mood swings too.


Deepa Verma said...

i too love rain watching rain when it pours heavily from my window...n my house is all flooded when it rains cats and dogs.

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