Friday, September 11, 2009

Play In Rain

None of us are that old to play. Are We? Definitely not and why let age be a barrier in having fun through play. If its been long that you had some thrilling exciting moments with your family and kids, its time now. Get into your sports shoes and just set yourself free from inhibitions. Go out and just play in rain.

Break Free and Enjoy in Rain
Rain - Fills You with Thrill - As you get into the ground to play in rain, you will feel the drops having a charismatic effect on you. Playing in rain fills you with thrill. No matter what is your age, you tend to feel young. Experience it for yourself if you don't believe me.

Take Your Kids Out Along With You - Kids love to play in rain and run around. Accompany your children in rain and play with them. Playing in rain with family is a interesting activity that helps you bond better with your family.

Let Mud be a Part of You - When it rains, do not just enjoy the rain drops rather also let mud be a part of you. Go out to play in nearby playground or park. Its fun to play in rain & mud with friends, children and even siblings. It makes you nostalgic and infuses a sense of fun, mischievousness and playfulness.

Play in Mud
Splash in Rain water - Nothing beats the feeling of jumping in a small pool of rainwater in digs on broken roads. Let the child in you come alive again. Splash in rain water and play like kids.

Enjoy Rain
Ideal Reason for Couples to Enjoy Together - I can agree that you might not find it comfortable playing in rain in a park or playground. But, if you have a private lawn or a secluded backyards, then just don't wait. Run to get wet with your partner in your arms. Just play in rain without being intimate. Couples either married or dating just love to spend time playing in rain.

Try Different Games - Go for different outdoor games in rain. Football is most preferred in rain. Adults, elderly or even small children like playing football in rain. You may also opt for other games basketball, throw ball or more.

Play Football in Rain
Besides Fun, Playing in Rain is also a Good Exercise - If you thought playing in rain was merely a fun activity then get your facts corrected. Playing in rain charges up your body. Running around and hip hopping is also a good physical exercise.


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