Thursday, September 10, 2009

Drenched in Love and Rain

Its been raining off late and the met department predicts it would continue to rain for another 48 hours. What better than this and what better one could have ever asked. As I said in my previous post, that almost everyone in love simply love rain. So what are you waiting for go get drenched in love and rain. Make the most of these special moments to love each other. Either married or still dating, this is the time for the couples to get soaked in love. Just be a little romantic to enjoy the rain showers and spend some quality time together. Here are few tips to enjoy the rain together.

get drenched in rain
Watch Rainfall Together - Nothing is great than watching rain pour on your windows' glass panes. What's important is to watch the rain together. Talk for hours with each other while it rains. Share and express yourselves with each other.

Cook Something Spicy For Her/ Him - Food for many are the best way of celebrating and enjoying. If you or your partner are a foodie, then you have the all the reason to treat yourself with something delicious. Cook something spicy and hot and enjoy eating it in rain. Spicy hot snacks makes an ideal combination with rains.

Get Drenched - If you love rain and love to feel the droplets on yourself, then go get drenched with your partner. But make sure you do not catch cold. Remember to take a shower in your bathroom after you have played and enjoyed in rain. This helps to prevent cold and fever.

Snuggle Up Each Other On a Couch in Your Balcony - Feel his warmth while snuggled up in his arms when it rains. Lie down on a couch together in your balcony to watch rain and enjoy the cool breeze blow past your cheeks. Enjoy a romantic date while relaxing at home together on a couch.

Go for a Stroll in the Rain - Walking together in rain is another romantic idea for the couples. Walking hand in hand when its drizzling is romantic.

walk hand-in-hand in rain
Go for a Long Drive in Rain - While long drives on a normal day is loved by most, it has its unique charm when it rains. Just accompany your partner on a long drive in a car when it rains. Go to beach side or on a highway. Just pick him or her on your way back home and go for a long drive to enjoy the cool breeze and rain.

Though love does not need any reason to be or to be expressed, yet there are few factors that add to the effect. And Rain is Definitely one of them. These were just few ways to be romantic during rain. How do you enjoy Rain?


Dreaming said...

I love rain! It sometimes makes me so happy that I dance in it :D I also love it when my boyfriend and I are caught in it, cause then I can walk underneath the umbrella with him, and he will hold the umblella with one hand and me with the other - protecting me from the rain and the rest of the outside world. And then it's just the two of us in our own little space :)

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