Friday, September 18, 2009

Romance While House Warming

I was away for a week as I had to shift my house. That was the reason for the delay in posting. A week long house shifting process had kept me too occupied to spare time for myself. While packing and unwinding stuffs at home took most of my time, the rest of hours were lost in getting the interiors of the new house designed.

It does happen with all of us. And what is also common amongst us is that we hardly find time for romance while shifting our houses. But despite the fact that I was damn busy, I had my share of romantic moments. Thanks to my darling boyfriend. His romantic ideas stole my heart, obviously once again. Here are some of the romantic ideas that he tried during my house warming. You can try them too. Here they go....

order dinner for her
Order Food & Enjoy a Candle Light Dinner - Your beloved must be tired packing or unpacking. Order her favorite food and keep it a surprise for her. Arrange a small table and decorate the room with some flowers and candles. Keep the table ready with delicious food. Surprise her and dine together. Soft instrumental music will add to the romantic mood of the room.

house warming and-romance
Rub Your Partner's Shoulders - Nothing feels greater than a small neck & shoulder massage when you are tired. Rub your partner's shoulder to make him or her relax. That is one of the ways of being romantic.

romance while house warming

Pull Her to a Corner & Give Her a Warm Hug - Let your romantic soul come alive. Whenever you get time, look out for an opportunity when you can take her into your arms and take her to a corner. Kiss and hug her. Express your feelings to her. Honestly, girls love it when you are naughty.

hug her
Shower Her with Hugs & Kisses Every Now and Then - Your partner will not feel the stress of so much work both at home or outside, if you stand by his/ her side. Just shower your love and kisses at short intervals if you are near by. Your love and care will add sparks to your romantic life.

Go explore new ways of romancing. Whether married or unmarried, romance is necessary amongst couples. So set the mood and let romance be in air.


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