Friday, September 4, 2009

Romantic Idea for the Busy

Busy is always the buzzword for most people these days. While life has become so much mechanical and selfish, no one has much time to spend on romance and lighter moments with your spouse. Forget about love, even love making has become a task for many couples. But despite all odds the challenge lies in keep the fire of love alive in each other. Its important for you to make him/ her feel special and show that you care so much. If you are busy and do not have much time to express your love for your special one, just try the following tips. Just feel the love in the air.

be romantic
Greet Each Other With A Hug & Kiss - A hug reflects your warmth for your beloved. just give your partner a peck on cheeks whenever you go from or return to home. Such a gesture makes one feel wanted and special.

Spend few Bugs on Cards or Roses for Her - Try sending a bunch of roses and her/ him. They won't cost you much, but mean a lot. Call up a nearby delivery guy and ask him to deliver some red roses to your wife or husband. Or at times buy a meaningful greeting car on your way back home. Send it your spouse. Smiles received on such unexpected gesture of yours would definitely pay back the money spend on them.

Make Breakfast for Her - Married working men can easily please their wives by making breakfast for them at times. One can do that once or twice a week. Whenever it suits you whether weekend or on weekdays, make sure to get up earlier than your beloved and prepare the breakfast. You are bound to brighten her morning as soon as she notices the breakfast.

Short Massages while Working at Home - Your touch makes a difference to your partner. During your busy schedule, just sit next to him or her and give a short massage either for feet, shoulder or just some hair oil massage. Your few minutes of massage takes off the stress.

message a romantic idea for the busy
message her feet
Cuddle Each Other - Find time to just cuddle each other either on a couch while watching television or working on any office assignment. Make sure not to disturb the partner who is working but just sit or lie next to him/ her. Let the other feel that he or she is loved and needed.

Call up to Say that You Miss Him/ Her - Give a short call within minutes of reaching office to say that you miss her or him. During your busy day pick your mobile and call up and have a few minutes of talk. Romantic text messages are the perfect ideas while you are at work.


S.Elisabeth said...

aw cute ideas. I just need to get the boyfriend followed by husband to practice them. -sigh- to singledom!

SaraLouise said...

great advise as always

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