Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is Sex More of a Task than Pleasure?

Did that leave you in thoughts for a while? If so, its human and happens with most of the people around us. For most of the married couples, sex becomes more of a task at some point in life and pleasure takes a back seat.

Most of the married couples would confide in saying that sex has become more of task for them. And ask them why, pat comes the reply because their partner wants sex and they just can't say 'no'. This situation is more common with women. After few years of marriage, they loose interest in sexual activities resulting in either a disturbed married life or just stretching their married life. When talking about women, you cannot rule out the possibility for the same for men. Many men also get bored of sex and make love just for the sake of doing it for their partner.

sex becomes a task
Why Does Sex Become a Task

Its more of Forced Sex Most of the Time - Thats the actual cause why it turns out to be a task. Anything that is forced on you tends to become a task that you need to complete. It happens so with sex too. Amongst married couples, initially sex is forced on woman by the man. Any woman does not like it and hence what results is a forced activity that becomes a task for her.

Monotony in Sex - Lack of knowledge about sex brings in stagnation and a major cause to loose interest in the same. Everyone likes excitement, pleasant surprises and a sense of newness. Sexual activities carried out in the same way without any thrills actually make it monotonous for many.

One of the Partners is More Demanding - Pleasure takes a backseat in sexual activities when either the male or female has a bent for sex. Though its not forced sex, but if one of the partners becomes more demanding, the other has to at times indulge in sex unwillingly.

Sex is Just Not About Intercourse, There is More To It - And that is foreplay and afterplay. Its important as it keeps the excitement level high. One needs to be involved in some or the other kind of foreplay rather than bumping into each other for intercourse. And post intercourse, afterplay is also vital. This helps in building a strong bond between the couples and keeping the fire alive.

Responding to Body's Physical Needs, Despite of Shortage of Time for Each Other - Every man or woman's bodies have their needs that need to be satisfied. That is the case in many couples. Though one does not have much time for each other, it becomes almost necessary to fulfill sexual needs of your own body. Shortage of time then leads you to spend less time with your partner. And then makes making love a task for you.


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