Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sarcasm In A Relationship - Keep It At Bay

Your relationship is at stake, if you involve a lot of sarcasm in your talks. Men have a lot of ego that is basically woven into their nature. No offenses to anyone, but they have this habit of commenting sarcastically on everything around.

If my views are to be taken into account, then sarcasm is one of the few things that will surely put an end to a relationship. Though sarcasm is just a form of commenting on anything rather than joking, it has more of negativity involved when used in a relationship.

no sarcasm
Men though do not mean much when they pass a sarcastic comment on their partner, but at the same time it is also true that they hardly realize the impact of their words. For them, it might be a joke but it's possible that person on the receiving end might not like it resulting in rise of repercussions. Taking instance of a married couple, often the husband enjoys giving a witty remark on his wife's parents. While some women have learned to take it easily, others get hurt.

Being just a sneering or cutting remark, I do not say sarcasm should not be a part of life, but definitely one should watch their words and MORE THAN THAT THEIR TONE of saying anything sarcastically. After all your relationship might be at stake.


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