Monday, August 10, 2009

His One Liners That Disturb Me The Most

Women are soft by nature. Though they can easily handle some serious issues, it might not be the same with something minute. Even a rude gesture or unexpected refusal on an trivial matter may disturb her and take away her peace of mind.

Women get disturbed mostly with badly framed sentences, especially one liners. If you were to ask a man about any of his one-liners that he thought might be disturbing him, he would be clueless. Or he might just say that he never said something that bad.

upset with his talks
That's why I thought it was always better to ask women. And this what some of the women answered on being asked - "what is your boyfriend or husband's one-liner that disturb you the most?" Pat came the replies, that are -

-> His All-time Favorite Remains to be - "So Now I need to take even my decisions according to you."

-> Hard to Hear - " I was never like this before." He almost seem to say that I have made his life a hell.

-> "Teach and Preach Only After You get A Degree for It."

-> "Don't You have Another Work Left."

-> "It's None of Your Concern."

-> "Why Do You Keep Scolding me All the Time? Am I a Kid to be Taken Care of?"

-> "It's Not Possible For Me, Ever."

-> "You Have Been Dominating Me for So Many Years."

-> "Why the Hell Did You Do that? I am Happy With My living Style."

-> "Why Will You Care About Me? Who Am I?"

-> "You Will Never Understand me?"

When men say these lines or something similar, very little do they think about its effect. Wish they realized.... !!!


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