Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bored With Him, Yet in Love - Start AFresh

Me and my boyfriend have been in love for the past four and half years. Despite the fact that we almost fought 24 hrs on telephone, we were madly in love with each other. But there was a time when we were almost bored of each other. Boring telephonic conversations, blame game, rifts and sleepless nights, that's all we were left with.

Though an unmarried couple, we never flirted with each other or ever wanted to freak out with each other. There had been instances when we were on verge of break up, but could not because we simply DO NOT WANT TO. At the same time, we wanted to feel the taste of happiness and contentment. This was when me and my boyfriend decided to Start Fresh on Our Relation. A few changes that we adopted to were boon in disguise. Here is how we started fresh to nurture OUR Relationship..

We Began Ignoring Each Other's Mistakes - That laid the cornerstone of rejuvenating our relationship. We followed the mantra -"To Forgive is Divine" and did not pay much heed to small mistakes.

Kept A Day Exclusively for Each Other - A day for each other was kept aside. We almost tried to spend the day hours together. We chatted, shopped, exercised, ate and laughed with each other. Swimming together and sharing jokes was what both of us loved doing.

It Was Time to Say Bye to Longish Telephonic Conversation - Phones though are the best way to remain in touch. But often, telephonic conversation lead to mis-communication. It happened with us also. Unable to see each other talking and the expression, we often misunderstood each other and has a fight. Therefore, cutting down our telephonic conversation short was a great idea.

We Dined Together Almost Thrice A Week - We are neither married nor are in a live-in relationship. Both of us just stay miles away from each other. Therefore we planned to eat together at night. Since it was not possible every night, we chose to have our dinner together on every alternate day. Dining together did wonders to our dying relation. We discussed everything face-to-face and trust me it was better than talking on phone.

Developed Interests in Each Other's Interests - Being very different from each other, we had different interests. To understand each other better and respect each other choices, we carefully observed each other to find our interests. I love reading English novel and interacting with people. And he loves music, dancing and sleeping.

It was completely a joyous feeling to explore others interests and learn something new. He read several books and chatted with my friends. I definitely reciprocated by listening to his favorite songs, joining dancing classes and definitely sleeping for long hours. Today, we agree that it gave us immense pleasure to do so.

All our efforts paid. And here WE Are - Smiling, Sharing, Relaxed, Energetic, Flirtatious, Passionate and definitely not Bored..


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