Friday, August 7, 2009

Make His Weekend Special

Love amongst couples is not just about making love. Its more about geling with each other!! If you feel the charisma between both of you have been lost somewhere, then its time for you to ignite some spark. And since its a friday, you have all the time to rejuvenate him with your love. So just make the most of this weekend and set his pulse racing...

Shed Your Inhibitions - He is your soulmate, why leave space for any inhibitions. Forget the world behind. Your passion for him will definitely reflect in all your moves and efforts.

Give A thought On What He Likes - Sit quietly for few minutes to recap on things that he liked or still has interest in. It can either be anything under the sun.

Look Sexy - Dress up in a sexy evening gown. Pay special attention to your make up. Keep it light yet sparkling. Choose a dress that looks best on you. He is sure to go mad again after you.

Decorate Your home With Candles - When he comes home this Friday evening, give him a surprise. Let the electric bulbs and chandelier be switched off. Lighten every corner with beautiful candles. Beautiful lighting is an easy way to attract your husband's attention.

Make Him Feel Nostalgic - If its been long that you had a look at your wedding album together, this is the best time. Sit with him, when he relaxed. Photographs have the power to turn any and everyone nostalgic. Try recalling some beautiful memories and share them with him. Just notice the smile on his face. Your magic is working on him.

Lie Down in A Bathtub With Him - Before he is home, get the bathtub ready with fresh cold water. Add some rosewater and rose petals to it. You may also add some mild and refreshing soap gel to the water in tub. When he has come back home, eat together. Post dinner just lie down in the bath tub with him. Spend some time together enjoying the romantic moments to fullest.

Most of the time, our hectic lifestyle eats up all the pleasures of life. Make sure the huff and puff does not affect your relation with your spouse. Small efforts in relationships make a huge difference...Think of Something That would Excite Him This Weekend and will make it Memorable for Him for Lifetime....Happy Weekend....


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