Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reasons Why Husbands Change After Marriage

In the previous post, I quickly ran over some of the common problems or moreover behavioral issues that wives face with their husbands post marriage. Now, it would be completely biased if I do not throw some light on the husband's condition or you can say on the reasons behind their behavioral changes. Here is what the husbands have to say in defense to these complaints and allegations.

why husbands change after marriage

Sex has Taken A Back Seat - I know it is only the second thing after compatibility that keeps a couple happy together. But definitely sex is important for both the partners. Our sexual life is almost at stake as she never seem to be interested in it. We almost sleep apart and my wife does nothing to seduce me. I have always been co-operative and soft about sex. But still wonder what has made her say no to sex?

Lack of Excitement - One of the husbands believed that it is not his behavior, but more of his wife's behave that has changed after marriage. She seems to be too cool sans any excitement. Earlier she was a power woman always ready to greet you and new challenges with a smile. Now she seemed to be so boring. Where has the excitement gone?

She is Always Shabbily Dressed - Her beauty and dressing sense was what I lost my heart on at the first instance. Look at her now, she is always in her old night gown and her hair is always untidy. I gift her the best of dresses every now and then, but they are all piled up in her cupboard. Doesn't she know men love pretty women and she was one. I love her still but her attire and looks doesn't make my heart pound.

Television Soap Operas Are All That She Talks About - Intelligence was her virtue and pre-marriage she almost left me fumbling for words in any kind of debate & discussions. I loved talking to her on anything under the sun. What is left for now is just mere stupid daily soaps. She watches them day and night and if she talks she discusses them with me. God, save me.

No Time For Me - Wonder, what has made her so different. She has become one of those women who gossip whole day in neighbourhood or on phone. If she is left with anytime apart from back fence talking, her household chores keeps her busy. In just a few months of marriage, she does not find any time to spend it with me.

I Too Need Space - People, I was and I am still an individual . Why does she blame that I spent time out with friends. I never asked her to seclude herself and not meet her friends. I need some space where I can hang out with friends. I love to spend some time with my old friends and I guess there is nothing wrong with that. My wife needs to understand that.


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