Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Words That Make Her Smile

Most of the women I would say are simple at heart. One does not need to do much to please her. A small gift, a smile, a rose, a greeting card are few small things that would easily help you take her heart away. But this goes without saying that you need to be genuine and have true feelings for her. While all these cost atleast a few bugs, there is something that comes completely free. And that are - words, beautiful, charismatic and effective. Here are few words that will surely charm her.

words that charm her
  • You Have Made My World Beautiful
  • Your Voice Rings A Bell Inside Me Somewhere (now please don't go on to say where)
  • I Can Do Anything For You
  • If I Knew You Would Bring So Much Happiness In My Life, I Would Have Fallen In Love With You Long Before
  • Being Around You Fills Me With So Much Energy
  • I Wanna Grow Old With You
  • You Are Most Beautiful Women I Have Ever Met & Could Ever Imagine
  • I Am All Excited To Tie A Knot & Spend All My Life With You
Words as is said are the most powerful tool one can possess. Apart from those three magical words, try few words woven with your emotions. Say those words to her and just watch them cast their spell around ...


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