Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Patching up After Fights

It's difficult for some, whereas easy for others. But what counts at the end of the day is that it should happen - patching up. Couples married or unmarried find it extremely difficult to patch up after fights.

At times, its the ego between the individuals, at times the situations. Here is how you can patch up with your spouse after fights. These are tried and tested waysw that have really worked, at least for me. I am sure these will work for you too.... Here they go..

When You Have Fought - Just Keep ur Ego Aside - Try hard not to involve this three alphabet letter to have a room in ur relationship. Ego between couples can be dangerous.

Say Sorry - Just Say It - sorry is the simplest and the easiest way that will help you patch up with your love of life.

But Initiate - But remember to initiate as this is important. This will help you gain respect in the eyes of your partner. God Firbid, if you fight again, next time your partner might be saying sorry to you first.

Forget Your Grudges - Don't waste your time in speculation and grudges. Whatever misunderstanding you have, whatever problems you face, just forget.

Once Fought, Do Not Let The Fight Stay With You - Couples often fight and then do not talk for hours. Its common and was the same case with me too. When I used to have fight with my boyfriend, I remember not talkingto him for hours and even days. But thanks to boyfriend, I learnt how not to make the fights serious and traumatic. He is a darling and always advised me that we should keep our fights aside. And thats his piece of brain that I am offering as an advice to everyone.

I do not say that you should forget the reason for the fight, rather you should forget the fight and behave completely normal. Just be yourself, as if nothing happened. Trust me, this will make your relationship a special one..


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