Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Marrying A Mumma's Boy - Save Yourself

Don't blame me for this judgement, but its just a thought that deserves a thought. The other day I met a friend of mine, she seemed worried and moreover disturbed. We chatted for a while and it was only then that I found out the reason behind her long face. It was her husband and his undeliberate behaviour that were giving her sleepless nights. My friend was married merely six months ago and to have a disturbed married life so soon was actually a pain.

It was difficult for me to understand her problem that time, but back home while I thought over the situation, It almost made me muddled. Being a Mama's boy is not something to be defied, but what is bad is being one completely. For men, things like this can be normal, but through a woman perspective, it is quite depressing. If you are a man, try being in women's shoes to understand the following situations.

Mom's the World, No Space for Wife or Girlfriend - That's 100% true for any of Momma's Boy. He can see nothing beyond his mother. Then why the hell did he get married? Sexual needs? That's all. Such men deserve to be sent to brothel. Mom should be the world for one and all but a wife too needs Her space in your heart.

A Momma's Boy Won't Move A Step Ahead Without His Mother - He needs to be spoon fed. Parental consultation is appreciated but to some extent he needs to stand up for himself and take his decisions. Such men are actually dumb and lack the sense of self respect.

If At Home, Spends Most of Her Time With Mother - A married momma's boy is difficult to handle. The worst has to be faced by the wife. On a holiday or on weekend, he spends most of his time with his mother. What is the wife supposed to do when he is busy with his mother.


rupunkel said...

Good One. Keep posting regularly.

Chivalrous Clan said...

thanks for the appreciation. it important and does wonders.

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