Saturday, August 8, 2009

Forget Your Grudges On Weekends

Ever wondered why do we have Weekends? Yes the obvious is that we need a break from work and some rest at home. But what's more important is that we remain at peace. Life is too short for quarrels and rifts. While we spent most of our time running around and its almost human for all of us to behave rudely at times....We understand ..But weekends are not for such pity things ....

Wasting Weekends - there are couples who do not realise the importance for these days. they spend time fighting over trivial matter. Some even go to the extent of referring to some arguments that happened long ago. Why waste your weekend that way?? lets bygones be bygones...

Stop The Blame Game - Throwing the ball in others' ceourt is easy. It feels worse when you are at home in solace and your partner blames you for frivolous things.

Misunderstandings to be Understood Later - Stay together at home and you have a lot of free time..there are chances that any of the partners starts a heated coversation. But make sure you do not waste it in clarifying any misunderstandings.

Add More Energy and Zeal to Your Relationship on Weekends - Bond together with your spouse or your sweetheart and make the most of it. Give him & her loads of hugs and kisses. Snuggle each other, smile, laugh and make her world around a lot merrier for yourself...
Enjoy your Weekend...They Are Precious.


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