Tuesday, August 4, 2009

He Is No More The Man Whom I Married !!

She burst into tears to say - "You are no more the same man I married." I heard Mr. Federer sharing his personal problem to his friend. He went on to say that his wife is almost prepared to give him divorce and he was unable to discover what is wrong with him. Mr. Federer said, "I am still the same, what has changed? I love her so much, I work so hard to give her and our kids all the comfort of life."

Well, this scenario has become common amongst couples worldwide. No one knows much about it as why and when it happens or happened. Women are blindfolded in love and as a matter of fact even men are. But as the time passes post marriage, things change and so does your relation with each other. Over emotional by nature, women are most affected with their spouse's behavior.

When in love in early days of dating, every woman feels that her man is the just the perfect choice for her. But few years or at times few months after marriage, she sees a new face of the same man whom she thought she knew very well. There is a sudden change in husband's behavior, likes and dislikes. It seems that she has now faced the reality and ends up on - He is not the man I Married. What made her say that? Question is provocative but what are the answers? Read on to find out what complains women often make post marriage. What is it that she thinks has changed? Here are few common & uncommon clamors and complaints of wives to their husbands.

He Listened Patiently To Me Earlier, Now He Just Walks Out of the Room - He was different when we dated together. He made sure he heard to my each and every word seriously. What has gone wrong now, he doesn't want to listen to even the most important matters. He just walks away from the room.

I was the First Person Whom He Said Good Morning To, Now he hardly Says that Ever - Before we tied knots he called me every morning to say Good morning while he was still on bed. I do not remember him waking up without wishing me good morning. At times he kept sleeping till the evening as my mobile phone was out of network and he could not wish me good morning. That was one of his way special ways of expressing love to me. Forget about good morning, now, he doesn't even bother to say 'bye' while leaving home for job.

Was a Mad Lover, Always Wanting to Spend Time With me. Now He is Hardly Around Me - I never knew it would happen and that too so early. He is always out of home for work or with friends partying all night.

He Never Missed a Chance to Be Close to Me When We Were Seeing Each Other. NOW? - Its almost depressing to admit that he has changed so much. No Hugs, No Kisses, He Seemed to have lost interest in Me.

He was My Chocolate Man, Wonder What Went Wrong - I am completely in love with chocolates. That was how he impressed me. He brought chocolates for me every day in different packings. Honestly it was this attribute for which I lost my heart on him. We have been married for an year now and its almost 11 months that he even brought one for me. My Chocolate Man has melted.

Hmmm.. with so many complaints and moreover dissatisfaction amongst the wives, remaining the same guy as ever seem to be almost mandatory. But why do the husbands change post-marriage? What do the men have to say about this? Stay tuned to find out the reasons for their behaviour.


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