Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why Sleeping Away From Him - 10 Possible Reasons

The entire situation was rather hilarious than serious and I couldn't control giggling making sure I do not make any noise. Actually it was just a day before when I managed to overhear the talks of some married women sitting in a corner of the park. I was sitting there alone, relaxing after my 20 minutes of brisk walking that I do every evening.

Couples Sleeping Separately
This group of women were almost close friends, I guess, as they shared their personal tit-bits frankly to one another. The serious matter was being discussed in a lighter mood and that kept me glued to the conversation till the end. Though I know it is a bad habit to overhear, but curiosity did not kill the cat. These ladies were just sharing reasons why they preferred to sleep away from their husband....Here are top 10 reasons that these women had for sleeping apart from husband. I would narrate it in almost the same way that each one them did.

He Stinks - Gosh, I could hardly stand next to him, forget about sleeping every night with him. His bad body odour would make me unconscious rather than getting good sleep. The worst part is that if that happens, my man wouldn't even realize. I need to shower him with deodorant when we sleep together.

My Husband Farts
Husband Farts - Its awful and disgusting sleeping next to him as he farts every half an hour. Its always loud and smelly. I tolerated it for 8 years, but chose to sleep in the other room after my doctor alarmed me that I was being insomniac.

Always In The Mood - Another women spoke shyly and then burst into laughter saying - My hubby is almost addicted to me and wants to have sex almost everyday. He is always charged up and feels like making love every night I am close to him. That makes me tired and at times restless too, therefore I have a small bed in the same room and sleep.

He Grips Me Hard That I Am Almost Out of Breath - One of the ladies said she found it difficult to sleep properly as her husband holds her tightly in his arms and sleeps every night. She went on to say that she often had cramps in her muscles when she slept with him. That why both of them do not sleep cuddled together every night and stick to our respective corners of the bed.

His Snores Almost Tear Down My Eardrums - My husband has this bad habit of snoring that makes me run for cotton balls at the middle of the night. Worst of all, he is not a regular snorer, but it happens all of a sudden loudly in the middle of the night and lasts for hours. That's why I prefer sleeping apart from him.

My Husband Snores
Bad Breath - Every woman had her own saga and so was with this one. She said that having very sensitive smelling ability, she found it hard to sleep with her husband who has bad breath. Other women teased and chukled her asking how did she kiss him then?

Tired of His Sleep Talking - Right in the middle of the night, he suddenly starts to speak. Nothing scares me more than that in my early days of my marriage. Now I am almost used to it except the fact that I can not have a sound sleep. My husband's sleep talking is a serious concern and makes me go mad every night if I sleep on the same bed.

Kicking - One of the women said that her husband hasn't grown up till now. She was referring to his kicking habits while sleeping. Her husband has this bad habit of kicking and throwing his legs hard. In such situations, he often hurts his wife. That is why its mutually accepted by both of them to sleep on different beds.

Talks A Lot - The last reason that I heard was a little surprising as it is more common to women than to men. She was heard saying that her husband gets up in the middle of the night at least four or five times to remind her of things to be done the next day or to tell her any incident. She said she is tired of his talks and at times teases her husband calling him the 'lady in the family'.

These reasons for a couple are serious, but sitting in the park listening to these gossip surely brought smile on face.


Lone Acorn said...

That was a funny one. I couldn't think that women have such reasons. Although all the above are true. Sleeping is a sort of pleasure, a way of relaxing. So any sort of interference in it spoils the mood. Not just that but at times leads to lack of sleep.

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