Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is This Love ?

Its said 'You'll never realise it when it happens', but I differ with others on this. Anyone who experiences this new, honest and strong feeling for someone for the first time in life always realize it. Love either at teenage, or as an adult or even as an elderly always brings in a gust of emotions that is bound to bring some change in one's lifestyle else you're a moron. In that case, i'll just shut up.

Many people meet their life partners for the first time and fall in love. Some of them realize it instinctly. Whereas there are some who take time realising the same while being trapped in the storm of unusual feelings.

I wonder what makes them take time to conclude this feeling as 'love'. She/ he has recently joined your office and sits next to you. Both of you gel with each other, chat often both online and offline, help each others and spend most of the time with her/his. This itself indicates that you are in love. But if you are still in doubts, just go through the following set of questions and find out the answers yourself. Here goes a check list for you..

The Clear Indication - When in love, you never wish to be away from him or her. You never want to be away from him/her and wish to be around him/her.

Restlessness Within - You are almost restless and feel uneasy if she/he is out of town or away from you.

The First Thought When You Wake Up - Won't say that she/he is always the first thought in mind in the morning, but definitely a 'yes' most of the days.

Dressing Up For the Day Just for Someone Special - Everyday you spend hours to decide which dress to wear. He/she is completely on mind while you get ready.

In Anticipation of Compliment - While everybody else in the gathering, college or office have showered you with compliments, you still wait anxiously for the compliment to come from 'your special someone'. And at last when you do, you cant stop smiling .

If you ave found all the answers are affirmative and you relate to them, you are in love for sure. Then what is it that holds you back? Feel the most beautiful feeling in the world. Spread your wings far & wide and welcome the most beautiful feeling of the world. Go express yourself in those magical words...'I Love You'..


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