Friday, November 27, 2009

Weekend Romance Special - Places for Quick Love Making

Let this weekend be different. Normally we look for a weekend to spend some great time with our beloved. For live-in couples and husband-wives, weekends come as a boon and they love to indulge in more relaxed love making activities. But why do we need to stick to this rule always? Let this weekend be dedicated to quick love making. Sounds Fun? Its Got to be....

love making in corridor
Here are some quickies for you. Try making love at these places. I bet you would cherish this weekend memories for ever. Here they go...

At the Terrace in Moonlight - Nothing can be more romantic than making love to your partner in moonlight. Go for a stroll at the terrace and find a corner quickly to make love to your beloved. A hot love making session would definitely leave you sweating while cool breeze makes you more passionate.

In Your Study Room - Most of the people would not like this idea but it was something that was suggested by my close friend. She shared her experience of suddenly slipping into her hubby's studyroom while he was busy at work. She also said, she had one of the nest love making experience in the studyroom. While studying, one tends to be most engrossed and disturbing you partner in such a situation can be fun at times.

In the Corridor - Do it, only when you don't have anyone else at home. Get some cozy mattress and light a candle while you keep the nightlamps switched off. Play some romantic music that would surely add to the mood. Corridor as love making spot can give you sense of freedom that is not so in confined rooms.

In Her Changing Room - Many of the us have a small corner in our homes for changing clothes (especially for women). This weekend, don't miss the chance to seduce her while dresses and undresses herself in the changing room. Start slow and later move fast. The limitation of having lesser space might just give you both more pleasure than any where else.


Kenna Christensen said...

your blog is beautiful. i love it.

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