Thursday, February 11, 2010

Promises to Keep

Meant to be broken, why do they hold an important place in any relationship? Whether its the relation of a couple in love or of a child and father, be it any relation, promises are a part of everyone's life. Here is a poem that I have loved for long and felt like sharing this today on Promise Day.

I promise to be your warm spot to cuddle up to
when you feel cold
I promise
to be your soft place to land if you
should fall
I promise to be the first
one to say I am sorry
(even if I was right)
I promise to be there for
you in all of your times of
joy and sorrow
I promise to support you no
matter what your
decision (even if I don't agree )
I promise to make a
new memory with you each
and every day
I promise to love you without change

I promise to make you laugh
I promise to make you cry
I promise to give
you strength when you are weak
I promise to love you forever
I promise
to cherish you and your love
I promise to compromise with you
I promise
to make you and our children my first
I promise to never take
your love for granted
I promise to never lose faith in you
I promise to
never give you a reason to distrust me
I promise to always trust you
I promise to work with you to resolve our conflicts
I promise to always be
proud of you
I promise to never let you feel alone in this world
I promise
to find new ways everyday to keep the
fires of passion burning
I promise
to be the best mom I can to our children
I promise to always keep you as
an equal partner
I promise to never say things to you in anger
I promise
to be your partner for life
I promise to be your shelter from the storm

I promise you a love everlasting.

Making a promise on the Promise Day, ".......Together again

It would feel so good to be

In your arms

Where all my journeys end....."

Have a Happy 'Promise' Day!!


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