Friday, January 29, 2010

A Month of Love

I often hear people saying that valentine's day is nothing special for them. For them, everyday is a valentine's day, every day is a day for him or her everyday is a day for love...bla bla bla bla.... I never disagree but to some extent. For me, everyday is a day of love, but this day is definitely special. Special!! Why?? Special because this day I make sure at least on this day I do not hurt him or anyone around me. It's a day of love and I ensure that I don't do anything that makes anyone sad.

If you agree with me or have the same opinion as mine, then follow me here for some love special posts for the entire month of February. You may think, as why did I start three days in advance. A simple reason - February just has 28 days and I wanted to make this month of love complete with 31 days.

So just get ready for some notes, tips and feelings dipped in love. No regrets, no complaints, no negative shades of life and lifestyle. It would be raining love the entire month. Therefore, just hold your heart tight and make sure you don't fall in love by the end of February. With Love :)


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