Thursday, December 24, 2009

Be a Santa This Christmas

Since its Christmas, it had to be BIG and BLITHE.... Lets join hands to celebrate the day with happiness, bells, jingles, cakes and balloons. Leaving all our grudges aside and tensions at bay, come together and join in the celebration of fun and frolic. Be a Santa this Christmas, call your friends and plan a party. As parents, just get into the shoes of kids and enjoy the day with them, like them.

Be A Santa
If you have annoyed someone and have had a rift with anyone, this is the time. Just let the knot loose and notice it unfold itself. Just take a first step towards your loved ones whom you have hurt some time and notice JESUS move his magic wand.

Merry Christmas
Spread Happiness around and have a very Happy and Joyous Christmas. Here is Chivalrous Clan wishing A MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone here.


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