Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Being a talkative partner

Talk, talk and talk. That’s what a friend of mine does to keep his wife happy. And why shouldn’t he, if that helps him trim down the gap between his wife and him. Otherwise, he is rather a quiet guy, workaholic, busy in his own world.

A few quick reasons he gave me when I cornered him on behaving so differently nice with his wife and everyone else in his life. Here’s how he went –

1) My talks gives her a feeling of ‘staying in a hostel & sharing a room with a male partner’ Of course there’s more than sharing a room that we do.

2) On a lighter note, I don’t have to ask her to tell me her secret. She just can’t keep it to herself, nor do I.

3) If I have any complains about household chores, I can easily tell her in rather a friendly manner.

4) Excessive talking might sound quiet annoying, but it helps me vent out my feelings, stored office gossips & stuff that I can’t share with my friends.

5) There are times, when we don’t make love or don’t feel like doing so. I talk to her and compensate for it. She OBVIOUSLY understands and is definitely happy that I just don’t go to sleep on my side.

6) Crack up some quick jokes with her. Your partner is sure to love it

7) Talks with your spouse leave no space for miscommunication

So for the all the men, think over when your wife or girlfriend complains of you not giving time to her. May be she means, you are not talking enough to her. Get into the shoes of women and just talk. Just get chatty. No matter if you are a quiet person.

Happy talking.


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